(Sept. ’76 – Aug. ‘77)



  • March Course: Pisgah
  • May Course: Pisgah
  • Base Camp: Davidson River Campground
  • Climbing: Looking Glass



  • Program repays original $12,000 loan from the University
  • Emergency phone is the pay phone in Davidson River so someone has to sit by the pay phone 24/7 throughout the program
  • Van rolls off of 276 in the middle of the night while returning to Base Camp from supporting a crew.
  • Fall of 1976 3 van loads of Project WILD folks attend the Association of Experiential Education Conference in Kingston, Ontario. Tom McMurray and Kimberly Jenkins become ‘acquainted’ and are married in 19??.  Other attendees: Jamie Estill, Ruth Faison, Wanda Wallace, Carrie Mozena, Ken Myrick, Joy Kish, Tim Ramsey. Group stops along the way to visit Tom Rearick who is in Syracuse, NY working for GE to make the 3rd world war more user friendly.


Favorite Expressions:



Program Staff:

  • Program Director: Carrie Mozena
  • Climbing Director: Kevin Sparks??


March Participants














August Staff

Hugh Wellons (I)

Ken Myrick(I)



Kathy Turlington (I)

Cindy Burkhart(I)



Mike O'Fogludha (I)

Paige Pratt (I)



Elly Murray(I)

Ruth Faison



Nancy Rolfe(I)




Anne Heath(I)




David Kirk(I)





August Crews

Ken Myrick(I)

Julie ?




Crystal Sgrignoli

Bill Gillette

Danny Dorfman

Diane Eckleman

Glen  ?

Stuart  ?



















Carnivores at the Mankato, Minnesota Experiential Learning Conference - Richard Henrikson


There was the time that Project WILD's leadership and instructors went to the big experiential learning conference in Mankato, Minnesota in 1976.  It was billed as an important conference, and experiential learning devotees and practitioners from all over the continent would be there.  We thought that we needed to burnish our academic credentials as experiential learning instructors.  After all, our acronym is Wilderness Initiatives for Learning at Duke.  So, we piled into a chartered bus and rode day and night to make our pilgrimage to Minnesota. (Anyone have names of who attended to fill in here?)


There was an enormous array of seminars and workshops to choose from, and each of us selected those which we would attend for the next 2 days.  For the most part, they were interesting, but not altogether memorable; except the last 2-hour seminar on the 2nd day.  It was "Man - the Carnivore".  About 20 of us sat around patiently for the seminar instructor to arrive.  It was quiet as most of us didn't know each other, all hailing from different parts of North America.  Then, a man entered the room, carrying a large burlap bag over his shoulder.  He stopped in the center of the room, upended the bag, and 10 live chickens spilled out onto the floor.  What a cacophony of noise and motion!  Chickens and feathers erupting in chaos.  Then the man announced - "This is your dinner.  Prepare it, cook it, eat it."  And he left the room.


We looked at each other in stunned silence.  Then over the next 2 hours, we obediently captured each of the frantic and elusive chickens, wrung their necks, defeathered them, chopped them up, boiled them, and ate them.  Splattered blood, bones, and feathers were everywhere, like some kind of scene out of "Lord of the Flies" or "Heart of Darkness"..."the horror, the horror..."  Experiential learning at its finest.



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August Course

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