(Sept ’79 – Aug ’80)



  • Base Camp: Ziegler’s
  • Climbing: Cedar Rock
  • Spring Break: Woodlands Institute, WV



  • Carol Grolnick and John Morris lead a Bike Crew
  • Jamie Estill (PD ’75) and Nance Rolfe (PD ’79) become the first PW married couple


Favorite Expressions:



Program Staff:

  • Program Director: Carlos DeCastro
  • Climbing Director: Lil Fenn


March Participants














August Staff

Paul Holmbeck

Mary Margaret Graham



Libby Patterson




Will Bland




Carol Grolnick




John Morris




Greg Field




Dave Cecelski





August Crews

Dave Cecelski(I)

Mary Margaret Graham(I)

Ken Crocker

Miriam Dixon

Dave Nunn

Katie Algeo

Dee Lutz

Thomas Beckett

Clay Harless (I)

Todd MacCormick (I)

Michelle Gobar

Kim Turner

Tammy Atkins,

Melissa Sherwood,

Margo Leander,

Joe Handley,

Russ Tuck,

Prayson Pate

Adam Fowler





















Journal Selections – Adam Fowler

The trip: 13 days in Pisgah National Forest

First night in Pisgah: lost after 2 hours of hiking in a driving rain.

Some games we played during the trip: Humless, Killer, Hug-tag,Cookie, "I love you but I just can't smile", Bullshit, Ultimate.

Every morning: 1+ mile run

Sample Breakfast: Oatmeal with dried fruit and honey

Sample lunch: Bagel and cheese, orange slices

Sample Dinner: Rice, Lentils, Onions, Pepper, Cheese, and Spices served on a cabbage leaf

Best view; Sunrise from the top of Cold Mountain Solo location: Cold Mountain

Solo: 36 hours alone with just: poncho, dry clothes, boots, whistle, bandana, sleeping bag, journal, canteen of water.

Every night: Crew member 'interview'

Best Day: Courthouse Falls

Last day: 8 1/2 mile 'marathon' run, followed by delicious watermelon!

Food Stress: Of course I didn't know about the intentional food stress. Here's what I wrote in my journal about food: "Before I go any further, I must give some details about the meals. They may sound plain or just plain bad, but by the time mealtime comes around you are ready to eat just about anything and thus the flavor of the food is greatly enhanced. One drawback of the food is that the quantity is quite limited and you *never* get as much as you want. The average serving is about 1/2 canteen cup and considering the amount of energy we expend, it seems barely enough to keep us alive. I often find myself dreaming about food and what I will eat when I get back to Duke."

My weight at start of trip: 147 lbs

Pack weight at start of trip: 53 pounds

My weight at end of trip: 138 pounds



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