(Sept ’95 – Aug ‘96)



  • Base Camp: Ziegler’s
  • Climbing: Cedar Rock



  • One crew goes whitewater rafting to explore the possibility of expanding Project WILD
  • After trying to fix a malfunctioning stove, Dave Johnson starts a small brush fire, lights himself on fire, and gets cited for illegal camping all in the course of half an hour. Fortunately for Dave, this was pre-youtube.


Favorite Expressions:



Program Staff:

  • Program Directors: Jessica Salsbury, Kent McIntosh (Trip Report)
  • Climbing Directors: Luke Rugani, Lisa Caccavo
  • House Course Directors: Rachel Miksad, Ross Christie


March Participants

Dave Allen (I)

Pete Stauffer (I)

Alex Brodie


Jamie Bronner (I)

Preston Few (I)

Jim Bright


Lisa Caccavo (I)

Merc Pittino (I)

Zac Christie


Ross Christie (I)

Jessica Salisbury (I)

Atif Haque


Gene Ehrbar (I)

Corinne Widico (I)

Raja Raghunath


Dave Johnson (I)

Sarah Wooley (I)

Steve Feng


Cherian Mathews (I)

Caroline Gerwe  (I)

Carrie Zimpritch


Kent McIntosh (I)

Leslie Wood  (I)

Amanda Moore


Chet Meyer (I)

Catherine ?? (I)

Ben Jordan


Rachel Miksad (I)





August Staff

Sarah Boonin




Zac Christie




Ken Greenberg




Steve Feng – base camp




Carrie Zimpritch













August Crews























The Something's Fishy Crew (the pranks that went horribly wrong...) – Kent McIntosh


     Sometimes crews come together that make a critical mass - usually of wonderful people, and sometimes of devious pranksters. After we put Dave out and got cited for camping too close to the Blue Ridge Parkway, we wondered how it was that the officer found us - until we saw the car that was illegally parked nearby. He must have thought it was us who had parked there, and then went looking for people camping within the parkway boundaries. Hey, we were only camping there because we thought we had some hypothermic crew-peas... Anyhow, to exact revenge on those illegal parkers, we concocted a scheme that involved the food we

were sure we weren't going to eat: the canned sardines. We opened those stinky suckers and stuck them all up under the handles of each of the doors so nobody would see until it was too late. We washed our hands off

with the last of our water and went in search of a stream. A few minutes into our hike, we came across a group of retirees who were volunteering as a trail crew. We asked where there might be water, and they offered

us theirs. Then it dawned upon us...we asked if it was their car back there on the parkway. We beat it back to the car double-time to clean it up and had nasty fish all over our hands until we could find a water source.

     We had to get it right - then, opportunity struck. Near Sam Knob, we ended up passing a crew that had set up camp, and as we made our own camp, we caught sight of a crew led by Dave Allen. Dave had been my crew leader back in the day, and I knew he was planning a scheme to get us. So...we went for the famed double prank. First, we made a no-bake cheesecake and set it out to cool. Only this was no ordinary cheesecake. Right under the layer of cherry topping, we unloaded our entire container of cayenne pepper on it. Yes, we were ruining our cake, but we were betting on a late-night visit from Dave's crew, and thought they would be too tempted not to steal it. Then we waited until cover of night to go after the other group. Perhaps we were too keen to be sneaky, but we used a few too few headlamps and got lost on the way. Eventually, we found the crew and steamrolled them. Prank #1, check. Then we returned to camp to check on our booby-trapped cheesecake. Dave had indeed come by, but his crew was too tired to bother, and he was too nice to steal it - he only made a happy face on the cake. He got too little of the hot stuff for much of a prank, but enough to think we were awful cooks! We sat around dejected, until a skunk dropped by our camp. We sat quietly as the skunk walked right up to our cheesecake, took a bite, and then ran off as fast as possible! So after all that work that week, we only pulled off one successful prank.


Experiments in social manipulation - Kent McIntosh


     Kent McIntosh thought that right before the August Trip would be the perfect time to get a tattoo (directions: "keep it clean, don't get it wet, and don't get it in the sun"). Trying to at least follow one of the rules, he wrapped a bandanna around his ankle to cover it. And (by order of packing list), all of these new first years were carrying around their own bandannas. By the big circle at the end of the day, a good number of crewlings were sporting ankle bandannas. That was funny, but some wanted to see just how far this influence could go (is this how Crocs started?). First, we all put bandannas around our ankles to keep that going. We also came up with practical reasons for it - the most popular was that it was used to wipe sweat off your hands on a particularly difficult climb. Sarah Boonin thought we might be able to start a new saying, and scooby and scrappy were born. Anything cool was scooby. Anything lame was scrappy. The first years never started saying it, but I guess Sarah got us all saying it!



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