(Sept ’97 – Aug ‘98)



  • Base Camp: Ziegler’s
  • Climbing: Cedar Rock



  • Selection meetings become increasingly longer, moving into the 8-12 hour range
  • Blueberry pancakes after solos at Flat Laurel Creek
  • Megan, Sam, et. Al. crew hangs upside down from Cedar Rock at midnight to look at the stars
  • Pink Beds is flooded
  • On the March trip the crew leaders had cell phones to test reception at various locations on the route
  • A minor van accident
  • Paola and Nathan meet at an experiential weekend and are married in 2003
  • Alex Brodie entertains with the Grateful Dead on van trips
  • Staff does lead climbing at Cedar Rock on their off days


Favorite Expressions:



Program Staff:

  • Program Directors: Barbara Wyse, Curtis Seymour  (Trip Report)
  • Climbing Directors: Josh Friedman, Chrissy Marshall
  • House Course Directors: Katherine McFather, Dave Johnson
  • Food Dudes: Alex Brodie, Andy McKinley


March Participants














August Staff






























August Crews























One dark and stormy night….



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