(Sept ’00 – Aug ‘01)



  • Base Camp: Ziegler’s
  • Climbing: Cedar Rock



  • Kate Higgins, a Program Director, has to lead a crew after a staff emergency which leaves Base Camp in the hands of 3 male upper class men and 17 sophomore women.
  • Rolled a van full of participants
  • Brandon Jones, a Climbing Director, breaks his foot the night before staff training
  • Laura Thornhill pees on yellow jacket nest and gets stung 17 times on the rear
  • ATV rescue (chainsaws! Very LNT)
  • Skinny dipping at Courthouse Falls
  • March of many evacs. Crew ditches Pisgah for Holiday Inn
  • Adriano Marinez night job as a museum janitor results in the ‘Boy and I enthusiastic cheer’ (see stories)
  • SLAB recipe is lost
  • Meredith Warren and Mike Flyss’ August crew attaches Blue Devil horns to the top of Baldwin Dome.
  • Tang Shots make their first appearance


Favorite Expressions:



Program Staff:

  • Program Directors: Chris Chandler, Kate Chomsy Higgins (Trip Report)
  • Climbing Directors: Brandon Jones, Jonathan Gibson
  • House Course Directors: Elizabeth Harnett, Heather Hodgeman
  • Outreach Director: Carlton Cobb


March Participants














August Staff






























August Crews























The Chant:

Boy am I enthusiastic


I luuuuuuuv PWILD

I would die for PWILD



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