What We Say

Where It Comes From

A Happy Mountaineer Always Pees Clear


Always Look Good


Base Camp




Bike Crew


Bill Griffith Highway

Nickname for the ropes course in Cameron Indoor Stadium that was built in 1976.

Black Balsam


Blue Ridge Parkway






Burch Avenue



Traveling cross country without the benefit of a trail. In the thickets of Western North Carolina, this rarely results in a short cut.

Butter Gap


Canned Mackerel


Canned Salmon


Cathyís Creek Road


Cedar Rock Mountain

Geographical location

Challenge Food


Circle Of Death


Cold Mountain

Geographical location

Complete Protein




Cool Beans

Popular during the í89 program. I am unsure of itís origin, but it is a phrase used repeatedly by a homicidal sociopath in a James Patterson novel.

Courthouse Falls

Geographical location

Cove Creek

Geographical location

Cows make milkÖ

Full lyrics to the song: Cows make milk, cows make milk, cows make milk and we're glad they do. Some people are so dumb, they're dumb as people come, cows make milk, cows make milk, cows make milk and we're glad they do. Take a cow for instance, any cow for instance, cows make milk, cows make milk, cows make milk and we're glad they do

Deep Gap

Geographical location

Devils Courthouse

Geographical location



Dog Loser Knob




Donít cut through switchbacks


Donít Die


Dr Bronnerís


Duke Forest


Wool Is Warm When Itís Wet. Eat More Wool

Strategy developed during the Spring snow courses of the early Ď70s. If food helps to keep you warm and wool is warm when wet, then eating wool is a twofer.



Experience Weekend


Experiential Education


Fifteen Passenger Vans


Fish Hatchery

Geographical location

Follow the Contours


Food Stress




Fun Run


G.A. Downunder


Gold Bond




Group Hug


Ha-Ha Game


Hanging Rock


Happy Clam


Honey Pot


House Course


Human Knot




I don't know -- what do you think?

Quintessential non-directive leadership

I Donít Know, Where Do You Think We Are?


If I Canít Eat It Or Put It In My Pack, Itís Touchy Feely

Definition of Touch Feely offered by Maret Maxwell during one of the early house courses. A cousin to ĎLess talk, more walkí.

If it washes off, it wasn't a tan

No explanation required. Circa 1990

If Youíre Cold, Put On Your Wool Hat


I.M. Building


In A Van On The Edge Of A Cliff




It sucks to be you

Circa 1989

I wanna be an otter

From the otter song circa 1989

Lap Sit


Lap Tag


Late Night Chapel Climb


Leave No Trace


Leaves Or Rocks?


Letís Open The Can


Listen To My Heart Song


Lobby Shop Formal




Looking Glass Rock

Geographical location

Magic Helmet


Minimum Impact


Mmm-ahh went the little green frog

From the green frog song circa 1989

Mount Pisgah

Geographical location

Mystery Can


New Games


Nobreeches Ridge


Nondirective Leadership


OK, listen up you people.


Pass The Question


Pickelsimer Fields

Geographical location

Pilot Mountain


Pink Beds

Geographical location

Project WILD


Project Naked


Rainbow People


Reading Crews



Genus of plant indigenous to the Pisgah region. Remarkable for its ability to grow directly in the path of any conceivable bushwhack.FYI there are over 1200 varieties of this plant.



Rock Climbing


Ropes Course


Rough Butt Bald


Sam Knob


Seek Good Drainage


Shining Rock

Geographical location

Sit On My Knees, Please


Skinny Dipping




Sliding Rock

Geographical location



Spiderís Web


Staff Retreat


Stone Mountain


Suzieís Diner


Tang Shots


Texas Pete


The Trowel


The Wall


The Water Method


There Is No Sex On PWILD


There Will Be No Loss Nor Gain Of Life On This Trip


Trust Fall


Turkey Pen Gap

Geographical location

Use Your Legs


When In Doubt, Snack


Yes, But How Do You Feel About Being Lost?





Residents of Pisgah who have been long time host for August base camp.